Fluoride can be found in a large number of branded toothpastes, but in recent times, this ingredient has been found to be dangerous. In fact, fluoride has even been linked to dental and skeletal fluorosis along with a number of other medical issues, which is why a huge number of people are switching to non-fluoride toothpastes. Fluoride-free toothpastes are made of up of more natural ingredients, antibacterial and antimicrobial plant extracts, and are still able to reduce the bacteria within the mouth that causes plaque.

Not only are natural toothpastes healthier for humans, a huge number of brands that create this tend to be environmentally-friendly, do not test on animals and have highly ethical certifications too. While having the right toothpaste for your requirements is important and comparing the best electric toothbrush can help to provide you with this information, having non-fluoride toothpastes made of natural ingredients can be crucial to a healthy dental regime. Here, we’re taking a closer look at the natural ingredients that make up non-fluoride toothpaste, so you know what ingredients to look out for when you’re next looking for an alternative to big brand fluoride toothpaste.


This is a sugar alternative, and acts as a natural sweetener. Not only is this ideal for diabetics who struggle when it comes to finding sugar alternatives, this is also a great ingredient to help reduce plaque and protect the teeth against different forms of cavities. This natural sweetener can be found in a huge number of fruits and vegetables, and is also available in trees, corncobs and more.

Papaya Plant Extract

Papaya’s are already famous for being a superfood, but not only is it well-known for the Vitamin C and potassium that it provides, there are also a great number of uses for it when it comes to oral hygiene. The enzyme that is located in a Papaya tree, known as papain, can help to provide a great whitening solution for fluoride free toothpastes. The enzyme can help to break down stains left by food on teeth.

Citric Acid

While too much citric acid can damage teeth, the balance of citric acid alongside other ingredients within natural toothpastes can have a positive impact on oral hygiene. One of the biggest benefits of citric acid is that it can help to reduce tartar that teeth build-up as a result of excess plaque that is beginning to mineralize on the teeth. There are a number of natural foods that contain this ingredient, including oranges and lemons.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Baking soda has long been a DIY tooth whitening hack that beauty bloggers around the world have endorsed, but it is now being included in some natural toothpastes. This particular ingredient not only helps to whiten teeth, but it also serves a number of other purposes, with its main purpose being to fight plaque.

There are a huge number of natural toothpaste brands beginning to enter the market, meaning you can find plenty of non-fluoride options to boost your healthier oral hygiene routine.