At Paul Penders, cosmetics are made with botanical and herbal ingredients. Paul's frequent travels around the globe in search of pure ingredients for his products led him to the rainforests of Malaysia where natural plants and exotic herb species are abundant.

The Penders Family Tradition of formulating beauty products has existed for more than a century. More than 60 years ago, as an avid believer in natural wonders, Paul's mother, Madam Penders, blended unique herbal facial treatments, based on her father's secret formulas, for clients visiting her beauty salon in Holland. Her extraordinary blends elated young and old alike. As these formulas were passed down to Paul, their popularity spread throughout the world. Guided by family traditions and refined principles, Paul blended LevensESSENTIE™ (pronounced: layvens-ee-sen-see) or LIFE'S ESSENCE, an intensely concentrated extract of 23 herbs that combine European, Chinese and Malaysian Rainforest botanical blessings. This rich extract brings balance to the complaints of all skin types. It is just what one needs for a healthy, glowing, clear complexion. LevensESSENTIE™ became an integral component of all Paul Penders body, skin and hair care formulations. Paul Penders LevensESSENTIE™,  22 fresh herbs are grown organically or in protected wild areas in several places around the world.