grey-logo.jpgPure, fresh, unadulterated vitality from lush New Zealand

Te Mana is a New Zealand owned, hand-crafted, boutique-batched skincare range offering the very best that New Zealand has to offer.  Unique boutique batched ingredients are thoughtfully gathered, made in Aotearoa and delivered to you with great love following Maori customs and traditions.

Enhancing both beauty and natural rejuvenating powers

Te Mana's founder, Andrea Taimana mixes her creative, intuitive feminine energy and vigorous Mana (charisma) using her scientific and innovative approach to develop unique, top-end skincare products.  When she started creating advanced anti-ageing treaments and products for herself and her clients, she soon recognised the vital role of bio-mimetic ingredients in skincare.  She wanted her products to not only feel good but to also deliver excellent results with lasting and prolonged effects, naturally.

She says "The excitement about the unrivalled benefits of the rarest botanicals on the plant, sustainably sourced in the remote, green, nuclear free antipodean islands inspired us to create the essential range of five bespoke skincare products abundant with high levels of the most vigorous, multitasking actives in the world that can out-perform any high end conventional offerings on the market!"

Traditional Harvesting

In traditional Maori knowledge, as in many other indigenous cultures, everything in the world is believed to be related.  Te Mana products supply luminosity and bliss to your skin through the unique vibrations of Te Taiao - The Natural World of Aotearoa.  Andrea's approach is one of respect for all living things and the dependence on Papatuanuku - our Earth Mother.  That is why they gather their proprietary ingredients by hand in the wild, using strict traditional protocols and at specific times, to ensure that the wisdom of their ancestors is not lost. Learn more about Te Mana traditional harvesting

The World's most amazing botanical blends


Introducing Te Mana's flagship ingredients:


Proprietary seaweeds/fern blend, Bioactive Manuka Honey 24+, Enzogenol®- New Zealand Pine Bark Extract, New Zealand Kiwi-Seed Oil, New Zealand Avocado Oil & Butter, Zealong - premium New Zealand grown Green Tea, New Zealand Merino Wool Powder and New Zealand Merino Wool Collagen.

BioRestore3Plus is a blend of the world's most effective all natural multi-tasking botanicals, renowned for their remarkable antioxidant and moisture-retaining properties.  This top performing trio of native red and green seaweeds (codium fragile subsp.nova.e-zelandiae and aeodes nitidissima) and Mamaku - New Zealand Black Fern gel, is abundant with naturally occurring polysaccarides and peptides, that help to enhance the skin's barrier function, protect against water loss, act as a natural filler and powerful anti-oxidant.

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, our bio-active Manuka honey 24+ promotes the skin's overall well being, regeneration, reduces redness and soothes congested or inflamed skin.  Incorporated in Te Mana skincare range, bio-active Manuka honey 24+ also helps to retain moisture and inhibits MMP, a group of collagen destroying enzymes.

Enzogenol® - New Zealand Pine Bark is 100% natural extract from the bark of New Zealand grown Pinus Radiata trees.  It consists of a potent mixture of natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory plant compounds known as bioflavonoids.  It is scientifically proven to boost the skin's natural free radical defence, stimulate skin cell growth, bind and protect collagen.

Zealong - 100% Premium New Zealand Grown Tea is a premium tea grown at the Zealand Tea Estate in the pristine air and soils of Waikato, New Zealand.  It is processed to the highest standards and crafted by the world's best tea masters.  Zealong Tea is Aotearora's gift, rich in antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals such as calcium, manganese, copper carotin and other vitamins such as Vit A, C and E.  Green Tea helps improve your skin complexion and skin health.  It helps flush out toxins from the skin, helps heal blemishes and scares and reduces inflammation.  

New Zealand Merino Wool Proteins - Pro Collagen Boosters are almost identical to the proteins present in the skin.  Therefore, they have an amazing ability to naturally interact with skin structure.  Keratin imtermediate filament proteins derived from New Zealand Merino Wool present the most abundant material in the outer layers of the skin, while being the core structure of all cells at the same time.  When applied to the skin these proteins boost natural regeneration of skin's essential collagens.


Even before the official launch of Te Mana, the brand's hero product Te Mana Radiance Infusing Essence made the finals at Pure Beauty Awards UK 2016 in category BEST NEW ETHNIC BEAUTY PRODUCT 2016.