Allergy claims prompt major sunscreen brand to remove chemical

Johnson & Johnson, the company who owns the brand, Piz Buin, has said it will alter the formula for its Piz Buin 1 Day Long suncream after it was discovered that a chemical in the sunscreen appeared to be causing an allergic reaction in up to 10% of people.  Doctors are calling for immediate action from the industry and Johnson and Jonson has said it will change the formula of the sunscreen from summer next year.


Leading dermatologist Dr. Ian White from St. Thomas' Hospital appears to have identified a preservative known as MI (Methylisothiazolinone) as the most likely cause of reactions such as swelling, itching and rashes such as in Sophie's case here:

Watchdog actually first brought this problem to the attention of Johnson and Johnson in June this year (2013) but they did not amend the formula because they claimed the number of reported instances of reactions was small.  However, since then, Watchdog (BBC) heard from more than 150 consumers who had suffered from adverse reactions to Piz Buin.  To read the full article please visit the BBC website here:

Our View

Here at The Natural Skincare Co. we do receive many calls from distressed consumers who have used mainstream products which have triggered adverse or allergic reactions.  Amanda, our founder says: "When we started our company back in 2003, our aim was soley to provide pure and chemical free skincare to help the environment and to reduce the amount of chemicals in general entering our bodies.  However, since that time, we have discovered that allergic reactions and sensitivities to products applied to the skin has mushroomed, with more and more people suffering from these problems. Many studies have shown that our bodies are becoming overloaded with a chemical cocktail, from all sorts of different sources.  It is imperative that we look closely at ingredients lists and try to reduce this overload on our immune systems".

We supply sunscreens from Caribbean Blue which contain gentle ecocert certified preservatives and no harsh chemical ingredients.  All are free from synthetic colours and perfumes.