Spring has arrived and the clocks have moved forward giving us lighter evenings at last and a glimpse of warmer weather on the horizon. Don’t wait until the summer arrives to start getting in to shape! Here are a few tips to get ready for summer:-
1.    Help remove toxins excreted by your body over night with an invigorating body brushing every morning for 5 minutes. Remember to only brush the skin when it is dry and in the directions of the heart starting at the feet and working upwards. A weekly body scrub will help remove dry skin and condition your body for the summer holidays, helping your tan to last longer.
2.    Prepare your feet for sandals. Gently use a foot pumice every evening before bed to keep dry heels at bay. Then moisturise your feet just as you get into bed. Cotton socks will help to keep the moisturisers off your sheets and on your skin instead.
3.    Monthly pedicure and manicure to keep your cuticles trimmed back and healthy. You will be amazed at how quickly the condition of your nails will improve.
4.    Keep your hair in tip top condition to help protect it from sun damage. Natural shampoos and conditioners without all the harsh chemicals will nourish your hair and make it more resilient. Don’t forget to treat your scalp with Pegaga scalp cleanser as if this is dry it will draw moisture from your face.
5.    Don’t allow yourself to get dehydrated. Try sipping boiled water instead of cold from the tap. Hot water is said to improve the body’s ability to flush out toxins and helps maintain the health of all bodily functions. Allow it to cool a little so you do not burn yourself.
6.    Keep your skin in check and help slow down the ageing process. Cleanse and tonetwice daily and don’t forget to moisturise your body as well as your face and neck.
7.    Don’t skip breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day. It is called breakfast because your body is not fed all night and this meal ‘breaks the fast’. Breakfast kick starts your metabolism and your body uses the food to nourish itself rather than storing it as fat ready in case there isn’t another meal for a while. Skipping breakfast can make you depressed, tired and is not good for the bikini line.
8.    Laugh for 15 minutes a day. Find a funny TV show or book to read and enjoy. This will help release your body from stress and depression.
9.    Get exercising. Finding the time to visit the gym is difficult with our busy life styles so try this:-Taking care, jog around the house as you get ready for your day. Keep moving on the spot when you need to stay put. Take advantage of using your stairs if you have them and make several trips up and down whilst sorting out laundry. Obviously for safety reasons tke care, look where you are going and do not eat or drink whilst jogging.
10.Try to get 8 hours sleep a night including a couple of hours before midnight. This is the time when your body carries out the majority of its skin repair. Don’t forget to cleanse, tone and moisturise before bed!
Article courtesy of Angela Crowne of Totopelli Holistic Therapies