Silica and Skin

Whether your hair, nails, bones and muscles are healthy and strong depends largely on how much silica is present in your body.  Silica holds moisture to the skin and makes it plump, producing a youthful complexion and lovely strong shining hair.

  • silica is found in many sources including foods such as oats, millet, onions, beetroot, wholegrains and potatoes; all of which contain a good source of silica
  • with the ability to attach or bind to harmful toxins in the digestive tract silica is a very useful mineral for problems with acidity, ulcers, indigestion and diarrhoea
  • when the ideal amount of silica is present in tissues nutrients are absorbed and wastes are excreted more effectively making the tone of the tissue better and with greater vitality and less toxins present.  This helps with skin hydration, stronger nails and shinier hair 
  •  silica helps to build immunity, as it is a vital component in the form of white blood cells; it also regenerates the connective tissue around which calcium can build - important for quality bone growth
  •  the skin's dermis thickens with silica, which is important, not just for avoiding wrinkles, but for protection from harmful uv rays
  •  silica soothes, protects, reduces inflammation and helps remove toxins and starts the healing process