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Q. I have got very dry, dehydrated skin. What products should I use?
A. We would suggest using the Paul Penders Aloe and Lavender AM Moisuriser on the face, combined with the HCS (Hydrating Control Serum). Either mix these two together in the palm of the hand, or alternatively, put them onto the face separately. The Paul Penders Moisturisers are a completely different kind of moisturiser to those that you may have used before. The non-greasy formula penetrates deep into the skin and is better applied to a slightly damp complexion. The unique herbal formula works to improve the quality and texture of the skin all day, and the moisturisers also contain a natural sunscreen for added protection from the sun. For night time protection and nourishment use the Avocado PM Moisturiser.

The HCS can be used all over the body on any dry patches, either on its own or mixed with a body lotion or moisturiser. Full of vitamins and nourishing oils it is ideal for dry and mature skin types.

Q. Should I always use a Cleanser and Toner?
A. In theory, yes you should as these products prepare your skin for the moisturiser and ensure that all traces of dirt are removed from you skin. However, if you have very dry skin you may prefer to use them at night time only to take off any make up and clean your skin before bed. The Paul Penders Cleansers can all be washed off with warm water or alternatively be taken off with cotton wool. They are also extremely gentle (no alcohol) and can be used around the eyes.

Q. Do I really need to use a Night Time Moisturiser?
A. No, some people prefer not to. However, the Paul Penders night time moisturisers for each type of skin are packed with botanical herbs and flowers which will feed and nourish the skin at night. They will not clog the skin as some 'off the shelf' products will as none of them contain petrolatum or propylene glycol or indeed, any harmful chemicals.

Q. How does the Paul Penders Citrus Fruit Exfoliant work?
A. This is a really unusual product in that it is a clear liquid which you pat on to your skin after cleansing and toning but before moisturising. Unlike the usual 'scrub' type exfoliators, which you wash off, you just leave it to dry on the skin before applying your usual moisturiser. It then gently and effectively dissolves any 'dead' skin, leaving a silky soft feeling. It is great also for dry skin patches, i.e. on elbows and the dry skin which is sometimes found on the front of the calves. After a few days of using this product twice a day, you should really notice the difference in the softness of your skin. It is not suggested for very sensitive skin, however, I have yet to find anyone who has reacted to this product in any way.

Q. My daughter is suffering from teenage acne and is desperate for a solution - what can you suggest?
A. We have had extremely good feedback from customers with acne when using the Paul Penders range of products for oily skin. These contain unusual herbs and flowers from the Malaysian Rainforest, such as Alpina and Moringa. Some of these herbs have natural astringent properties and many of the rainforest herbs are used in Malaysian hospitals to help skin conditions. The ICT (Intensive Clarifying Therapy) treatment program is also very good for detoxifying oily skin (or any type of skin!) and if used in conjunction with the Citrus Fruit Exfoliant and the Oily Skin products can have quite amazing results with problem skins. All the Paul Penders products are extremely gentle and will not irritate the skin and will help reduce the redness caused by overuse of harsh skin products.

Q. I am looking for a shampoo which does not contain sodium laurel sulphate. What should I use?
A. This is one of the most frequent questions we are asked. None of our shampoos contain sodium laurel sulphate or any harmful chemicals, so any of these extremely gentle formulations are suitable.

Q. How do I use the conditioners?
A. You can use our Paul Penders natural conditioner in several ways. Use as normal after washing your hair and rinse out, or comb through wet hair and leave in. You can also use the conditioner as a serum to use on hair after it has been dried and styled. Just put a little on to your fingers and add to the ends of your clean hair. It will give your hair an extra shine and calm down very dry or frizzy hair.

Q. What is the difference between the Caribbean Blue Sunshield Sport and Baby SunShield?
A. The Baby SunShield has less essential oil, otherwise they are in fact very similar - the BabySun was designed for very sensitive skin and can also be used by older children and adults who may react to essential oils.