MESSAGE FROM KATJA - Paul Penders beautiful daughter!


Let me share my professional secret for beautiful hair...


"…Our family's experience in cosmetology in Europe goes back for over 100 years. I have seen thousands of examples of how to obtain beautiful hair, but I also learned that the secret to having beautiful hair is maintaining a healthy scalp. When the scalp is too dry, too oily or plagued with dandruff, healthy looking hair won't happen unless we incorporate scalp-care into our hair-care regime. Over the years we have developed a 4-STEP Hair & Scalp Treatment which delivers beautiful and healthy hair. The important first step cleanses the scalp with the help of a powerful Malaysian rainforest herb that slowly saturates and purifies the scalp while loosening dandruff. The full process is as follows:- 


  • Apply Pegaga Scalp Cleansing Treatment. Gently massage till scalp feels "warm". Leave in for 10 - 60 minutes and cover hair for best results. 
  • Use our gentle Low-Suds or Medium Suds shampoo that is most appropriate for your hair type. 
  • Apply Intensive Hair Repair Therapy for beautiful shiny hair. 
  • Finish with Holy Basil Conditioning Scalp & Hair Tone.


You will be amazed how fresh your scalp feels after this 4-STEP Hair & Scalp Treatment-I truly recommend it. Hair becomes healthier, shinier, fuller and more manageable. People report that not only does their dandruff disappear, but their headaches as well… "


- Katja Penders