Ingredients Policy

Ingredients Policy

...Because what goes on your skin goes in!

Amanda McGillivray who founded The Natural Skincare Company and The Organic Wholesale Co. decided, right from the formation of her business in 2003 that the ingredients used in products she supplied would be as natural and organic as possible, whilst providing a product which was pleasant to use, reasonable in price, and that really worked! 

Because up to 60% of what you put onto your skin actually enters your bloodstream, it is as important to use organic chemical free or naturally derived ingredients in your skincare as in the food you eat.  At The Natural Skincare Company we study the ingredients lists of any brands we offer to ensure that none of the ingredients are harmful, and if possible, as organic and natural as they can be.  Occasionally, you will find an artificial preservative in one of the products, but only if it is impossible to formulate it without.  For instance, in the case of our Caribbean Blue Aloe Vera Spritz After-Sun; it is formulated using 100% Pure Aloe Vera which deteriorates extremely quickly if not kept refridgerated.  In this case, we have accepted that the only way to keep this product 'fresh' is to use the food-grade preservative sodium benzoate in a minute quantity.  This seems sensible considering this product will be taken to hot, sunny climates!

You will not find any products on our website containing ingredients such as parabens, artificial colours, synthetic perfumes, sodium laurel sulphate, mineral oils or sodium laurel sulphate.


Against Animal Testing

We are completely against any form of animal testing on cosmetics, and so are our suppliers.  None of our products are tested on animals and many of them are also suitable for Vegans, and some of our suppliers, such as Paul Penders are also registered with The Vegan Society.  If we sell a product as Vegan it means that it does not contain any animal derived ingredients, including beeswax, propolis and lanolin.  In order to be registered with the Vegan Society, the suppliers have to prove that their products do not contain animal derivates, and also sign a statement regarding cross-contamination.  This does not mean that our other vegan products are not genuine, but it does give that extra assurance to our customers!

Cosmetics and Skincare Suitable for Vegetarians

The majority of our products are suitable for vegetarians.  Just a few of our cosmetic items may not be suitable because they contain carmine which is an ingredient produced from insects.  Because we give a full list of ingredients on all our product information pages, you will find this listed on the relevant pages.  (For example, lipsticks).

Complete Transparency on our Skincare Ingredients

You will find a complete list of ingredients on every single product page, for every product we sell. 

Sometimes our suppliers change the ingredients in their formulations and it is not always possible to update our website immediately.  Therefore we cannot guarantee that the ingredients lists are 100% accurate at all times.  If you know of a mistake or there is something which needs to be updated we would be most grateful if you would let us know.