Paul Penders Intensive Clarifying Therapy is a totally unique facial mask combining fresh oxygen with therapeutic organic herbs, vitamins and oils which leave the complexion visibly softer, clearer, firmer and youthfully radiant. The mask comprises two main components which, when mixed together, release fresh oxygen, essential for clear, healthy, radiant skin.

Oxygen has well known anti bacterial properties and also assists in firming, clarifying and detoxing the skin, whilst helping prevent fine lines and wrinkles; and, it encourages faster penetration of the other ultra beneficial, cold blended, natural ingredients. These include the patented LevensEssentie GoldTM - a blend of 22 Western & Chinese certified organic or wildcrafted herbs & fruit extracts which help beautify, stimulate, cleanse & strengthen skin, whilst Pegaga - a herb sourced from the oldest rainforest in the world - has valuable anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, skin soothing and restorative properties.

Conventional manufacturing techniques involve processing with heat which destroys beneficial nutrients, but Paul Penders has developed an innovative cold blending manufacturing process which preserves all the bioactive ingredients and maximises their benefits. (Think of the difference in potency between freshly picked vegetables and that of tinned, processed varieties!)

The blend is further enhanced by moisture replenishing, all-natural ceramides (derived from plant fermentation, rather than animal sources), organic and wildcrafted herbs, exquisite essential oils, minerals, chlorophyll and precious botanical oils - all chosen for their skin nurturing powers, plus antioxidant vitamins A, C and E, for their vital role in defending against free radicals which damage skin cells and lead to premature lines and wrinkles.

Available from stockists and beauty salons throughout the UK: For more information please telephone Amanda on 01403 790913.

Article courtesy of Tricia Sabine