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Gift Normal Sanitary Pads (14 per pack)

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Gift Normal sanitary pads are cotton-soft, perforated luxury which absorbs liquid on immediate contact, leaving you completely fresh and dry.  They have a special layer (Anion) made from natural tourmaline minerals to help releive tension, neutralise odour and balance your pH levels.

Why so special?

  • They contain a herbal extract, Anion layer which is made from natural tourmaline minerals with anti-bacterial properties to naturally eliminate odour.
  • Fights infection, improves blood circulation and immune system and restores pH balance for a more relaxed and comfortable period.
  • Super-slim pads with extremely absorbent core (at least 5 times more absorbant than ordinary brands) locks in liquid whilst keeping surface dry and breathable bottom layer avoids built up of moisture and heat.
  • Produced in sterile conditions & sealed for freshness to protect your delicate area from infection.
  • Natural non-woven cotton-soft surface,perforated for immediate absorption, dryness and comfort.
  • Anti-allergy 100% chlorine free to avoid irritation.
  • Contain no animal products (Veg Soc. approved), vegetarian, vegan, halal.




Gift Wellness Ltd. was established  to help make life easier for women from all walks of life. Whether they’re women who are dealing with the damaging effects of harsh chemicals in ordinary products, or whether they’re women who are the victims of war or disaster and have no access to sanitary pads… We want to make a difference.


Their current projects include sending pads to women in Syria, who have been forced to flee their homes with nothing but the clothes they were wearing. Now in refugee camps, they’re suffering horrific conditions. In addition to safety issues such as the risk of rape or other abuse, the feminine hygiene needs of these women, are as expected, brushed under the carpet. Thanks to our customers, we have sent over 84,000 pads to women in Syrian refugee camps so far, in the hope that it will go someway towards helping some of them to cope. Our first donation was distributed on 7th February 2014.


The Halimah Trust was set up in memory of the daughter (Halimah) of the founder of Gift Wellness, Zareen Roohi Ahmed. Halimah passed away in 2007 just six weeks after starting university to study International Relations. Her ambition was always to work in Third World Development. Halimah was the inspiration behind Gift Wellness, its caring ethos and passion to help those in need.


Don’t forget that every time you buy your Gift pack you’ll be helping to save lives and help those less fortunate… so you’ll be doing good and feeling good!


Visit their website: and join us in supporting their important work. Thank you!




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