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So what is Drop Shipping?

In basic terms, drop shipping is where you, our customer, places an order and we ship it direct to YOUR own customer. Your customer remains your own, and contractually you are responsible to that customer as far as receiving payment, dealing with problems, taking the order etc. etc.

Drop Shipping is available to the following businesses:

  • Online Retailers who own a website  - orders are always despatched direct to their customer
  • Holistic Practitioners who wish to take an order from a client - practitioner has the choice of delivery address to their own premises if preferred
  • Party Planners who are running a viable business already and want to extend their portfolio.
  • Only to those with computer access as the account is serviced online.

Drop Shipping is NOT available to:

  • Businesses based outside the UK for delivery outside the UK
  • Online businesses which do not meet our criteria regarding suitability (we prefer those in the organic sector but each business will be looked at on an individual basis)
  • Those who intend to use the products for their own purposes and are not re-selling.
  • Those who wish to place orders by other means than an online account with us.


So how do I get set up?

Its easy!  For more information click here or complete our webform, send us an email or call us on 01403 588050.

This option is ideal for smaller online or start up businesses, and will enable you to discover which products sell through well.  It is simple and easy to transfer to a full trade account at any time, thus giving you flexibility and a low-risk way to manage your business.