We are excited and proud to introduce the new Paul Penders LevensESSENTIE Gold™ Organic NaturalSkincare range. LevensESSENTIE Gold™ is a powerful infusion of 22 certified, wildcrafted & organically grown essential herbs that nurture and beautify. They are combined with unique healing properties from the oldest rainforest in the world using a COLD-BLENDED processing technique which Paul Penders has spent the last three years developing.


Conventional mass-produced cosmetics typically utilise heat-processing, with many bioactive ingredients being destroyed above 35 °C. Paul Penders has developed an exclusive COLD-Blended process whereby products are made in small batches and are not heated above 35 °C, thus all bio-active ingredients remain at full strength, resulting in a more potent and effective end product.

What are the benefits of using these new products?

Paul Penders skincare has, of course, always been packed with vitamins, herbs and ingredients which nurture the health of your skin. However, since these wonderful original formulations were made, much research has been carried out on free radical damage to the skin and the causes of premature ageing. The new Paul Penders LevensESSENTIE Gold™Cold Blended Natural Organic Skincare range further addresses these issues, now making it easier to maintain a youthful, radiant skin. Free radicals are the leading cause of wrinkles, premature ageing, reduced elasticity and poor skin tone. Control of free radical damage is therefore the key to maintaining healthy younger-looking skin.

Paul Penders LevensESSENTIE Gold™ skincare effectively combats free radical damage via extraordinary anti-ageing ingredients which counteract the early signs of ageing. Vitamins A, B, C & E, phyto-tocotrienols and co-enzyme Q10 are incorporated into all formulations that are scientifically proven to minimise the effects of ageing.

The quality of Paul Penders products is of paramount importance to not only Paul Penders Co. but also to us at The Natural Skincare Company, as their UK Distributor. Paul Penders natural organic skincare products promise:  

  • Outstanding anti-ageing benefits and reliability against free radical damage.
  • A unique cold-blended, small-batch manufacturing system that maintains bio-active ingredients at optimal quality and full-potency.
  • Liposomes to transport scientifically proven anti-ageing ingredients to prime target areas in the skin.
  • Organic herbs, exquisite essential oils, vitamins, plant oils and powerful ingredients sources from the oldest rainforest in the world which are holistically, ethically and faithfully produced.
  • No compromises. No chemical colours, foam-boosters, emulsifiers or harsh preservatives are used. 

It is our complete and utter mission, as it is with Paul, to offer you the absolutely highest quality ingredients that are available in the world today, incorporating pure herbs and fruits, as well as natural anti-ageing elements to ensure that you are putting only the very best and purest skincare preparations onto your complexion. Once you have had a chance to try out these products for yourself, we are sure you will agree that the Paul Penders Organic Natural Skincare and Haircare ranges are probably one of the most effective ranges you will have tried.  For more information and to purchase products from the Paul Penders COLD-Blended Skincare range