The presence of carbon dioxide (CO2)in the Earth’s atmosphere is almost negligible at 0.0387% (387 parts per million or ppm) by volume, but without this prominent greenhouse gas, Mother Nature would not have sustained life the way it has.

Without CO2, there would be no living plants either on land or in the sea. No other living animal would have been able to survive without the greeneries and microorganisms. There would be no human beings on Earth – you and I would be non-existent! Everywhere on Earth would have remained nothing but a barren desert, with no life form.

CO2 - Long Misunderstood

Life simply cannot exist without CO2 yet it has long been misunderstood. Climate alarmists blamed the anthropogenic CO2 emissions for the frightening future scenarios of a catastrophic climate change – global warming, catastrophic sea level rise, reduced agricultural output and the destruction of many of our natural ecosystems, besides frequent droughts, floods and hurricanes. What’s more bizarre is that this whole prediction of the future appears to be based on what a small increase in this minuscule amount of CO2 could do to the environment. This perception has to be corrected as more research is being carried out on CO2.

For example, scientists working on the Medieval Warm Period Project reported that there was a similar warm period which coincided with the Medieval times, which suggests that global warming is nothing new. Scientists in Japan have also discovered that plants exposed to elevated CO2 concentrations enjoyed a relatively higher growth rate and greater productivity. CO2 is an essential part of our ecosystem.

Science has taken it a bit further, by using carboxy therapy in cosmetic surgery with amazing results. Soon, the carbon dioxide therapy will overtake Botox to become a new, effective anti-aging treatment. For that Paul Penders ICT is a product well ahead of its time!

How CO2 is used these days for skincare  

More and more docter's offices in the U.S. use CO2 to be brought in just below the surface of the skin using as a successful anti-aging treatment. As CO2 diffuses into the surrounding tissues, it literally “melts away” fat cells and unwanted stretch marks. The CO2 also causes the blood vessels to dilate and increase the oxygen and nutrient supply to the treated area. This also helps to eliminate fluid build-up between cells, and the skin is stimulated to produce more collagen that result in a firmer and younger looking skin.

Research conducted at the University of Siena in Italy on 48 women over three weeks showed that CO2 was effective in helping the women lose fat in their thigh, knee and stomach. At the same time their skin became firmer and their cellulite smoother.   CO2 laser device has also been used to treat layers of damaged skin with excellent results. The laser treatment has helped to remove fine wrinkles from the face giving it a smoother complexion, besides minimizing facial scars and heavily pigmented areas. The treatment is also effective in softening lines around the eyes and mouth.   In principle, CO2 is being used successfully in skin treatments.    

Paul Penders’ Intensive Clarifying Therapy (ICT)  

At Paul Penders, we have understood the efficacy of CO2 for some time now. This knowledge has been one of the well-kept secrets of Paul Penders’ Intensive Clarifying Therapy (ICT). But then, why should it be kept a secret, if we can share this knowledge to better educate our users on the use of our products? Our clients have always asked why they need to mix two product components together before using it. They deserve to know why and how our products have helped them achieve excellent results in skin treatment.   


By courtesy of Paul Penders Co.