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If you're browned off with sun ranges whose worrying chemical cocktail leaves your skin itchy and uncomfortable, help is at hand. Caribbean Blue's sun range is made from 100% natural, and organic ingredients and entirely natural sunblocks to ensure that you and your family can safely relax whenever you're in the sun. The range includes SPF25, SPF15 and SPF 8 adult and baby sun protection, lipshield, after sun moisturiser, skin soothing spritz, a travel kit, insect repellent, after bite salve, and a supplement to boost the body's natural protection.   

Caribbean Blue Natural Suncare range, have been careful to balance safe, reliable 4 star tested, broad spectrum sun protection against both UVB and UVA rays, with exceptionally caring hypoallergenic natural & organic ingredients to nourish & nurture.  

Many chemical based sun protection products offer protection only against the more burning UVB rays, so leaving us relatively unprotected against the UVA rays involved in premature ageing, wrinkling, and skin damage; but Caribbean Blue products include sunscreens of zinc oxide (a natural mineral and the only ingredient recognised by the US FDA as offering broad spectrum protection against both UVB and UVA). Entirely free from chemicals, artificial fragrances, synthetic colourings and animal derived ingredients, Caribbean Blue products rely instead on fragrant essential oils like lavender and peppermint to soothe and restore, organic botanical extracts to calm, heal and protect, oils from coconut, safflower, almond, sesame and macadamia nut to nourish and pamper, and antioxidant vitamins A, C and E to protect against free radicals found in uv rays, environmental pollution etc. Their insect repellents are made from essential oils which have been EPA approved and registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture. Made in the tiny island of St Lucia in the Caribbean, the range relies on many ingredients produced by small, local organic farms. 

Caribbean Blue products are available from selected stockists and beauty salons throughout the UK as well as directly from this website. For further information on stockists, please contact Amanda on 01403 790913.

Caribbean Blue 100% Natural Sun care range:

Caribbean Blue Tropical Survivor Pack:
A handy beach tote complete with 120ml/4oz sizes of Sun Shield Sport SPF 15, Sun Shield Sunscreen SPF8, Apres Sol Moisturising Lotion and After Sun Aloe Spritz. Ideal as a travel kit for your next holiday, or adventure, when relaxing in the countryside and as a perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

Caribbean Blue Sunscreen Sport SPF25/15:
Waterproof formula makes this high protection all natural sun shield ideal for the active person. It resists run off from heavy perspiration and swimming allowing continuous protection.

Caribbean Blue Baby Sunscreen SPF15:
This all natural sun shield is especially caring. Gentle enough for the most sensitive of skins and perfect for children and babies.

Caribbean Blue Sunscreen SPF8:
With slightly less protection, this all natural Sun Shield is more suited to those who have darker skins or have already started to tan.

Caribbean Blue Apres Sol Moisturising Lotion:
Fragrant from its refreshing citrus essential oils, this ultra soothing formulation sinks in easily to nourish the skin, whilst replenishing vital moisture. Ideal after sun exposure, after shaving (men and women) and as a lovely general moisturiser.

Caribbean Blue After Sun Aloe Spritz:
Pure undiluted Aloe Vera and essential oils of lavender and peppermint in a handy spray, provides instant relief - the perfect salvation for tender skin following excessive sun exposure and minor burns.

Caribbean Blue Aloe All Natural After Bite:
Soothing natural and organic herbs and essential oils including aloe vera, eucalyptus, clove and tea tree help provide soothing relief from the irritation caused by insect bites and promote healing.

Caribbean Blue Citronella Body Spray:
A natural, DEET Free spray-on insect repellent formulated from nautral ingredients including pure essential oils of citronella, clove, peppermint. EPA approved and registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture.