What have Seaweed, New Zealand, Manuka Honey & Black Fern got in common? Te Mana Skincare.....!

Te Mana Artisan Skincare from New ZealandRed is the new black! Or in the case of Te Mana Skincare both, with a beautifully illustrated red and black heart, the logo for a new skincare range from New Zealand.

Made with love and hand crafted in small batches, Te Mana is made entirely from nutritious, skin-nourishing ingredients.  The three seaweeds used are sourced in the nuclear free pristine waters around the islands of New Zealand. Seaweed is know to regenerate the skin's cells and the algae around these islands is particularly pure and free from toxic heavy metals. This is a new generation of natural skincare - made with all-natural ingredients but able to surpass the efficiacy of high end mainstream formulations. Here is the low-down on some of their amazing products and ingredients:

1st Hero Product - Radiance Infusing Essence

A multitasking essence/serum powered by BioRestorePlus proprietary complex, which prevents damage by free radicals, targets lack of firmness and elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles while leaving the skin velvety smooth and plumped. 

So, what IS BioRestorePlus?

Well, in a nutshell, it is a blend of the world's most effective, all-natural multitasking botanicals, renowned for their remarkable antioxidant and moisture-retaining properties. This top performing trio of native red and green seaweeds (Codium fragile subsp.novae-zelandiae and Aeodes nitidissima ) and Mamaku - New Zealand Black fern gel, is abundant with naturally occurring polysaccharides and peptides, that help to enhance skin’s barrier function, protect against water loss, act as a natural filler and powerful antioxidant.

2nd Hero Product - EXQ Pro-Collagen Complex

A biomimetic Pro-Collagen Complex powered by skin-loving wool proteins, to fight all aspects of ageing - This exquisite bioactive day cream is formulated with BioRestorePlus to simultaneously fight skin aggressors such as elastase and stimulate an intense firming action. The biomimetic pro-collagen formula leaves the skin richly nourished and helps reduce imperfections day after day.

So what are skin-loving wool proteins?

New Zealand Merino Wool proteins are almost identical to the proteins present in the skin. Therefore, they have this amazing ability to naturally interact with skin structure. Keratin intermediate filament proteins derived from New Zealand Merino Wool, present the most abundant material in the outer layers of the skin, while being the core structure of all cells at the same time.

When applied to the skin these proteins boost natural regeneration of skin’s essential collagens, in order to create stronger and vibrant dermal-epidermal network.  

The above are just two products in the range, and two of the most interesting and important ingredients in this amazing new range.

The Heart of Te Mana - made with love

Behind Te Mana stands a meaningful Māori heart symbol for the brand. Through the traditional, hand-crafted heart symbol, Te Mana aims to communicate the brand’s powerful and unique Mana (enduring, indestructible power) derived from the selected native botanicals that give the products their bespoke properties.

The Te Mana heart represents the brand’s continual search for improvement and advancement in modern skincare science in order to benefit the skin with peerless Mana of Aotearoa’s land and marine botanicals.

We are honoured and privileged at The Natural Skincare Co. to represent this brand in the UK.  Our mission since 2003 when we founded our company, has been to find suppliers and products which meet our exceptionally high standards.  We have surpassed our expectations with Te Mana and bring the range to you, with love.