Te Mana New Zealand Skincare new look is right 'on-trend'!

Te Mana

Te Mana's new colours are right 'on-trend'!

According to Telegraph.co.uk skincare trends you need to have on your radar, pantone's colour for 2017 is called 'greenery' and is a tangy-yellow green colour, just like Te Manas new packaging colours! The growing interest in natural and organic skincare reflects our desire to use more eco-friendly and 'green' products and Te Mana's existing black and red colours will be changed to the zingy green which they feel empathises more with these beautiful seaweed based formulations.

Paul Penders ICT Treatment

Paul Penders Oxygen Mask

Another trend going forward into 2017 is high tech beauty masks.

Te Mana will soon be launching a new mask absolutely packed with organic bioactive ingredients.  Maybe not high tech, but so so effective.  I trialled one recently, and can tell you, my skin has never been so dewy soft.  I was stunned to see fine lines and wrinkles disappear...but more about that soon....

In the meantime, have a peek at Paul Penders Intensive Clarifying Therapy. An old favourite using kaolin clay and fresh oxygen; this home beauty treatment will save an expensive trip to a salon. The box contains at least 12 to 15 treatments and your face will be detoxed and glowing after each use.