Suffer from Prickly Heat Rash? Zinc Oxide Mineral Sunscreens may help.

Looking for a natural mineral sunscreen?

We teamed up with the lovely ladies at Country Wives to make this short video.  Country Wives is an online magazine for the discerning older woman covering all sorts of issues in a light-hearted and informative way!  I was invited into the home of Grace to do the video blog (or vlog!), and was instantly made to feel welcome and relaxed.  Being my first vlog, it was slightly nerve-racking but they soon put me at my ease.

Prickly heat rash is a growing problem

There is a huge array of sunscreens on the market - many of them contain a cocktail of chemical ingredients and whilst they are effective at preventing your skin burning, some people find them irritating to the skin.

There is plenty of evidence to show that chemical sun filters are harmful to the body but one area which is often overlooked is the effect of these chemical filters on prickly heat rash.  More and more people are suffering from sun allergies as with other types of allergy, and it is truly miserable to suffer from prickly heat rash, especially when you have been looking forward to your holiday and want to enjoy the warmth of the sun's rays.

As a child and into my teens and twenties, I personally suffered from prickly heat and spent miserable hours dabbing cold flannels onto inflammed skin and hiding under sun umbrellas.  Every time I used a sunscreen the condition got worse, and I eventually realised that it was the sun lotion which was causing my heat rash as much as the sun!

When I formed The Natural Skincare Co. in 2003 and during my research into natural beauty products, I soon discovered a delightful company selling a brand of suncare products, called Caribbean Blue. Based on the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia, they had been selling their products to islanders for some time and their knowledge of the ingredients in the lotions impressed me.  Caribbean Blue is owned by naturopathic doctors and their secret is the ingredient zinc oxide.  

Zinc Oxide is known for calming down skin.  It is the main ingredient used in nappy rash ointments to calm sore skin on babies.  It is also an excellent sun filter and will protect against both UVA and UVB rays.  Chemical sunscreens have to contain several chemicals to protect against the full sun spectrum. 

Since using Caribbean Blue suncare, I have never suffered from prickly heat rash and many of our customers will say the same. The soothing, gentle formulas and the mineral zinc oxide really do calm down the skin and help to prevent skin allergies.