Natural exfoliation tips to keep your skin glowing

Paul Penders Active Glow Facial Scrub

We all want bright, smooth, youthful looking skin, right? Today Stephanie from Expert Home Tips is here to tell you all about exfoliation and the many wonders it can do for your skin today.

Dull, flaky, dry-looking skin? You may think what your skin needs is a new moisturiser. Perhaps you’re right, but often all those problems will be remedied with a completely different solution – exfoliation.

Exfoliation refers to the removal of dead skin cells, and is essential in order for new, healthy skin cells to come through.

It’s important to remember that, while removal of dry and dead skin cells is essential, the skin is fragile and easily damaged. For this reason, exfoliation should only be carried out once or twice a week, and care should be taken when choosing a product. As with most things, a natural and organic product is going to be the best for your skin.

The Natural Skincare Company has so many wonderful natural products. Paul Penders Active Glow Facial Scrub is so special – it will indeed make you glow. Containing a blend of exfoliating and natural botanical ingredients, it gently removes dead skin cells while simultaneously stimulating new skin cell growth. Ingredients such as coconut, bamboo and aloe vera extracts and a variety of floral powders and essentials oils combine to make this a premium natural product. The powerful ingredients will do wonders for your skin, and leave you looking younger and fresher than ever.

Exfoliation truly has so many benefits for the skin. Here are four reasons to start exfoliating with Paul Penders Active Glow Facial Scrub into your weekly skincare routine today.

  1. Exfoliate for more youthful-looking skin:

Forgo exfoliation, and your skin will be covered with a layer of dead skin cells. These cells are old, so it’s no real surprise they will make you look older too!

Removing these dry and flaky skin cells will reveal the new skin cells hidden beneath. These new cells are healthy and full of life – they’re the key to that ‘glow’ we’re all so eager to get our hands on.

  1. Your products will be more effective

You may be investing in cracking skincare products, but if you’re not exfoliating, you could be wasting your money. Using products on a face covered with dead skin cells will actually do very little - dead cells cannot be brought back to life, and products can’t penetrate through them to reach living cells underneath.

By removing dead skin cells, products will be able to work on living cells directly. Moisturisers will sink deeper into skin and finally be given a real chance to deliver on all their claimed effects.

  1. Get a gorgeous, healthy glow

What is the key to that mystical ‘glow’?

Exfoliation could be the answer. Not only will it remove old, dry skin cells which lead to tired-looking skin and reveal fresh and bright ones in their place, but the exfoliation itself provides other benefits.

Stimulation of skin cells through exfoliation increases the blood supply to the face. The result is plumper, brighter and healthier looking skin with a natural flush and healthy glow.

Start reaping all the benefits of exfoliation, and you’ll look just as bright and beautiful with or without your makeup.

  1. Creates a smooth canvas for makeup application

If you are fond of makeup and never leave the house without it, improving the ‘canvas’ you work on will help you look more flawless than ever.

We’ve all tried applying foundation on dry and flaky skin - it doesn’t go on smooth, and the results are never perfect. It can be extremely frustrating, especially if you’ve invested in a product that claims to ‘do it all’.

Well, just like skincare products, makeup is only as good as the skin you apply it to. Exfoliating once a week with a natural product will remove dry skin cells, leaving you with a smoother canvas to work with.

Start exfoliating today, and you’ll finally get that picture-perfect application you’ve been after.

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