For your Valentine - Te Mana is the perfect gift

Te Mana for Valentine's Day

Here at the Natural Skincare Co we have been planning ahead for Valentine's Day.  Every year it is a real dilemma; what to give your favourite person and how to avoid the inevitable flowers and chocolates.

Our new Te Mana range from New Zealand says it all.  With a beautifully designed heart logo, some of the most powerful symbols for Māori are the Koru (fern frond) and the Hei Matau (fish hook) and these are incorporated in the heart design to articulate the story of life, love, spirituality and philosophy.

What better gift to give to your loved one, whether they be male or female? 

This small artisan natural skincare range is made with pure, natural ingredients and is suitable for everyone to use.  Particularly gentle on the skin, packed full of New Zealand ingredients, Te Mana is as effective as any top end skincare formula, without the high price tag.  With three types of New Zealand seaweed, pure merino wool proteins and manuka honey 24+, the ingredients are exceptionally powerful.

Te Mana Heart

So why not tell someone you love them this Valentine's Day, with Te Mana?  The Te Mana Heart says it all!