CBD Hemp Oil is what it all about now!

Hemp Oil 5% Cannabidiods

Do you suffer from anxiety, stress, acne, arthritis, any joint pain, or even vaginal dryness? There is a huge thing going on in the news now about CBD in hemp, which appears to be a panacea for all disease!

Look online and you will find CBD helps anything and everything from cancer to improving your sex life. 

The first thing to know about CBD is that it is not psychoactive; it doesn’t get people high. The primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). But THC is only one of the scores of chemicals – known as cannabinoids – produced by the cannabis plant.  Hemp and marijuana are different varieties of the Cannabis plant.  Whilst marijuana has high levels of THC, Hemp oil has virtually none, making it more suitable to help with health related issues.

So what reputable hemp suppliers offer isstrictly controlled production from farm to bottle.  The CBD (Cannabidiol) from the HEMP is extracted with the remainder of the Cannabiniods (e.g. CBN, CBDV, CBDA and CBGA) and then added to a carrier oil such as the original hemp oil or olive oil.  The total Cannabiniods in each bottle sold should be shown on the front of the bottle.  CBD is just one of several cannabiniods and all appear to have therapeutic value.  Further studies are needed in this area.

The Natural Skincare Co. has spent the summer researching suppliers of CBD Hemp Oil as we were very concerned about the supply chain involved in this industry and wanted to offer a 100% pure, organic and safe product for our customers to use.  Our 5% Hemp Drops originate from hemp grown in southern europe (Croatia for instance) from fully registered EU hemp growers.  Their facilities and farms are checked regularly, and before each harvest the plants are checked for pollutants such as heavy metals, pesticides and other toxins.

The Hemp is dried in a completely natural way by being hung in huge bundles from the ceilings of a warehouse - heaters are NOT used, making this a more environmentally friendly way than can be achieved by drying hemp further north where huge heaters have to be used to stop mould appearing on the plants.

The Cannabinoids are then extracted using supercritical CO2, not solvents or alcohol and added to raw cold processed hemp oil.  

The Natural Skincare Co. offers this as a FOOD SUPPLEMENT at a concentration of 5% approx Cannabiniods (500mg per 10ml bottle).  (4.38% CBD).

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