10 Top Tips for Autumn Skin from The Natural Skincare Co.

Top Tips for Natural Autumn Skin

Top Tips for Glowing Autumn Skin

As temperatures fall with autumn approaching, our skin needs a slightly different approach and adjusting yourskincare routine is fundamental for avoiding dry and cracked skin. Here are 10 tips to ensure silky smooth skin during the autumn months:

1. Top of the list is water! You still need to aim for 2 litres a day even though the weather is cooler.

2. Try not to soak in a bath for too long and if you do, be sure to add some bath oil. Ideally, a warm shower using a natural shower gel such as Paul Penders Herbal Shower Gel will keep your skin smooth and healthy.

3. Apply suncream. Zinc oxide based suncreams will protect your skin all year round, and our Caribbean Blue range can be used underneath makeup too.

4. Exfoliate. Whilst in the bath or shower use a natural exfoliant such as Paul Penders Active Glow or make up one yourself using sugar and olive oil!

5. Use a natural body lotion such as Paul Penders Lavender Body Lotion after each shower or bath. Massage well into skin paying attention to your knees and elbows.

6. Ditch the soap! Use a gentle cleansing wash such as Te Mana Cleansing Gel or Paul Penders Alpinia & Tea Tree Cleansing Wash.

7. Switch from a moisturising lotion to a moisturising cream or a special skin treat such as Te Mana EXQ Pro-Collagen Complex.

8. Protect your lips with a lip balm or try Paul Penders Lip Gloss on its own or over your usual lipstick.

9. Invest in a handcream. Start moisturising your hands now to ensure soft supple hands all winter long. Try Paul Penders Marigold Hand Cream.

10. Cut down on alcohol which is dehydrating and don't forget your five a day fruit & veg!