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  1. Foundation Samples
    samples idea brill.
    I recently ordered a sample of Paul Penders foundation. The foundation was lovely, smooth, moisturizing
    (Review by abi)
  2. Foundation Samples
    Fab idea.
    I am always struggling to find a foundation that is suited to my sensitive skin
    (Review by rachyg)



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Foundation Samples - Up to 5 ml

Foundation Samples - Paul Penders & Nvey ECO

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For a small payment, we are happy to provide you with sample(s) of any of the products listed in the drop down menu.  You may order up to six samples in any one order.  Our samples are offered in good faith and they are designed for one or two uses only.  They are ideal to test aroma, texture, colour on skin and for possible allergic reaction.  We supply the samples in 5 ml pots, however, the amount of actual product within the pot may be less depending upon whether the sample is shampoo, skincare or makeup.  Our standard postage and packing rates apply to samples.

We are also happy to send 'smudges' of our makeup products; for instance, our eyeshadows. If you require some free smudges, please make a note of the colour code or colour and enter the details in the message box available when you checkout.  Alternatively, please do ring us on 01403 790913 if you need some help - we can then help you choose smudges to match your exact requirements!  No postage is charged for smudges.

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  1. Good but a little over priced. Review by Rubycubes

    I have spent so much money on full size foundations and so, being sensitive to foundation and only being able to use organic makeup, I only ever try before I buy, as organic makeup is so expensive!

    I have to say that your samples were the most expensive I've tried from a natural makeup company. I thought for what you get, £1.60 was over priced. I have bought many samples from other companies, from which you got more product and they were cheaper. I know you say that the prices for your samples are fair, considering the price of the foundation to buy in it's full size, but I pay the same for my current foundation that you sell yours for, and their samples are only £1.

    I was very disappointed that out of the 3 samples I ordered, only 2 arrived as one was 'out of stock'. This typically, would have been the colour best suited to me as the other samples were too light/too dark. I was however, given a refund for the sample not provided.

    Overall, being able to try samples is a good thing, I just think yours are a little over priced.

    £2.95 postage for 2 tiny samples is a bit expensive. I appreciate you have to add in costs to pay staff etc but these samples are light in weight and tiny.

    REPLY from Amanda: We always take all the comments from our customers very seriously. However, this service really is very time consuming for us. The makeup you are trying is expensive and organic, and therefore the sample prices do reflect that cost. We are totally transparent regarding what we offer, stating clearly that these samples are purely to try out the colour, so a small amount is all you need. Our delivery costs are standard, and for the same flat rate you are welcome to add as many items as you wish to your order. We also send out regular offers to our loyal customers which often include free delivery. Large businesses are able to offer free samples because they receive these from their suppliers, whereas we make up all our own foundation samples. We also send out free colour smudges too, and there is absolutely no charge for that service and no delivery charge too.

    (Posted on 6/17/13)

  2. Foundation samples Review by Maria

    Originally I ordered 6 in total sample pots.2 of nevy liquid foundation and 3 nevy cream delux.When my order came in it had 2 items missing saying that they are out of stock,but i wasn't told when i made an order.So for me to reorder them i would need to pay delivery charges again,which is £2.50.When I opened my sample pots I was surprised at how little of the foundation I got. I know they are only samples, but I felt that after paying £12.91, which is what the cost was with the postage, I would get a bit more than just a smallish squirt of product in a little pot. It is enough to try, but the cost just felt wrong(each tiny sample cost £1.60). I often get makeup samples from makeup counters, they always free and you get much more in the bottles. I felt like I've been ripped off.
    I didn't like the foundations,neither of them,but I had lots of hopes .I thought ordering 6 of them I would definetely find the right one or at least by mixing them.
    2 of the liquid foundations I had they were the lightest tones,but they were still too dark for me and too yellow and I am a not pale skin.(i am normally choose foundation for medium tone skin). The consistency of creme delux foundations unfortunately is too thick and when I apply it on my face it felt wrong.I usually put some moisturiser as a base even though i have combination/oily skin,but this foundation still make my face look chalky and unnatural.
    All in all I paid £12.91 for the samples + delivery(which is almost the price of full size foundations from make up counters) but in the end I got nothing.

    REPLY from Amanda: I am so sorry you were disappointed that we were unable to supply you with two of the samples. We did try to get in touch, but did not receive a reply so decided to send the samples we had available. You received a refund for the samples we were unable to send.

    The best way to test the foundations is to purchase small samples. They are only intended to be enough for one application and to see if the colour is the correct match etc. Many of our customers find this a very useful service and it is one which is not offered by many online businesses. You would have received our catalogue in which there are free offers etc. and a free delivery code which you could have used when purchasing more samples from us, or you could ring us and let us know which colours would suit you best. In addition, we provide a colour smudge service which is free.
    (Posted on 6/7/13)

  3. Foundation Samples Review by Kylie

    This is a brilliant way to try out different foundations before commiting to buy the full size product as it can be really difficult to choose over the internet. I ordered two samples of the Nvey and one Paul Penders. I thought the sample size was more than ample for a couple of trys of each foundation. I don't tend to need too much product and I found the Nvey ones to be a little too heavy for my skin. The Paul Penders in Island Sand however was excellent. It gives light but total coverage to my fair sensitive skin. I am going to buy the full size product today! (Posted on 2/22/13)

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