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Naturopathic Nutritionist launches Pro-Collagen Hero Product

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The Natural Skincare Co.-Dermanutri Supporting another female owned business, we are proud to announce the launch of DermaNutri Pro Collagen AD Plasma; a new anti-ageing formula which harnesses powerful botanicals that work in harmony with your skin's individual cellular matrix, delivering lasting results.

Since the soft-launch of DermaNutri, the Pro Collagen AD Plasma has simply flown off the shelves, causing quite a stir amongst clients of Mel Turkeman, a Naturopathic Nutritionist, S


kin Wellness and Anti-ageing expert with over 10 years experience in the field.

Mel is one of the UK's most high profile practitioners and has attained a portfolio of featured articles in Professional Beauty, Modern Spa magazine, The Huffington Post and Yoga magazine.  Mel's experience with her own skin led her to pursue a career in skin health and the science behind the skin and using her intuitive and empathetic approach allowed her to educate and help her clients improve their skin and health holistically.

DermaNutri Pro Collagen AD Plasma's magical ingredients have an amazing ability to interact with the epidermis, with properties identical to the skin's own structure. The unique combination of botanicals actively targets all aspects of the ageing process, boosts the skin's barrier function and protects against water loss.  The results - a firmer, more youthful appearance with no oily residue.

All the ingredients are sourced in New Zealand famed for its pristine waters, mountain ranges, green living and nuclear-free policies.  It is formulated with a respect for nature and the history and culture of the country.

Pro-Collagen AD Plasma retails at £46 per 30ml and is available at www.dermanutri.com

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